About Me

Hello there! My name is Chelsea Watkins. I'm 24 years old and currently living in Searcy, Arkansas - a long way from my hometown back in Encinitas, California. I have an intense passion for cooking & baking, and over the last year or so I came to the realization of just how important it is to cut out processed foods from ones diet and replace them with wholesome, natural ingredients. This discovery to a healthier lifestyle has literally changed my life in so many ways, so I created this blog as a means to share my favorite recipes and help change the common misperceptions of 'eating clean'. I want people to know that cutting out processed foods does NOT have to be boring (taste-wise) or difficult. It can be quite fun actually! ;-)

I love taking every day kitchen staples that we are so accustomed to buying pre-made at the grocery store and figuring out how to make them CLEAN, without any icky preservatives or chemicals. I also have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so you can surely expect to see some guilt-free delicious dessert recipes on here as well!

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